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News and Openings

Blue Sky Solar Racing prepares for the 2013 World Solar Challenge

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The latest update from the team at Blue Sky Sky racing is extremely optimistic for the 2013 challenge. ITL has been a sponsor of the team through the many iterations of the car from the original prototype to the latest  7th generation solar vehicle!

“ We are now at a crucial stage of the race cycle where we are moving from designing to fabrication. Though we cannot reveal our design just yet, believe us when we say that it is nothing you’ve ever seen before! Stay tuned…

“Special thanks to all of our alumni who have been helping us finalize the design for the new vehicle. Though your advice always meant more work for us, we are so grateful to have you to produce our most competitive car for 2013!

This year, the team has decided to run seminar series on solar car design: SolarCar 101, where we get a chance to introduce how the solar car is designed through one-hour session each week covering various topics from race strategy and aerodynamics to PR and sponsorship.

These sessions allow the new members to learn more about our multidisciplinary project on an interactive and informative platform. We can’t wait to work with all of our new members to build the new car (view our weekly presentations here)