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ITL Invests in Direct Optical Registration

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Monday, February 11, 2013 | ITL Circuits |

ITL Circuits announced today that it has added Direct Optical Registration, developed by DIS Inc of Islandia, New York to increase layer-to-layer alignment accuracy for the company’s prototype and production-volume PCB business.

Direct Optical Registration, allows for optical alignment of inner layers during the lay-up process of multilayers and sequential build-up technology, eliminating the need to manually punch and pin individual layers prior to lamination. Tolerance buildup and variability associated with traditional pin lamination systems is eliminated.

A vision and positioning system sequentially align and clamp layers together utilizing a full platen, assuring coplanarity and accuracy. The aligned multilayers are welded together with SmartWeld,, the patented coupled induction welding system developed by DIS Inc.

In addition Direct Optical Registration, provides an opportunity to utilize X-ray inspection to quantify registration of welded mulitlayers prior to lamination. The panel can then be measured after lamination, providing the data to analyze the lamination process and take corrective actions if necessary.

The process has been in use worldwide at both high tech and high volume shops over the past several years. Some of the leading edge requirements placed on PCB shops utilizing pin technologies are not able to be met unless they introduce Direct Optical Registration.

About DIS Inc.

DIS Inc. is a worldwide leader in optical registration systems for the PCB industry and an innovative producer of innerlayer/sub-lam registration and welding equipment. DIS has developed Direct Optical Registration, a new method of optically registering and welding innerlayers/sub-lam such that registration is improved by eliminating mechanical tooling, operational cycle times are reduced and process flexibility is increased all while significantly reducing operating costs.  For more information, visit