Knowledge through Diversification

For nearly 4 decades, customers have been turning with confidence to ITL Circuits for printed circuit boards that will form reliable foundations for their electronic devices.  Partnered with leading global material and equipment vendors, ITL supplies printed circuit boards fabricated from the latest substrates, finishes and solder-mask materials.

Our wide-ranging capabilities allow us to build for even the most diversified product mixes.  From single and double-sided boards to high layer-count multi-layers; from component through-holes to fine-pitch ball grid array (BGA) surface-mount pads; blind, buried or filled vias; heat-sinks or metal cores. Whatever your rigid PCB requirements, we can meet your needs.

At ITL Circuits, we reinvest profits to develop new methods, equipment, and skills; and to ensure that we can continue to supply our customers with the highest-quality printed circuit boards available.