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Excellon COBRA Hybrid Laser Purchase

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

ITL Circuits purchases Excellon COBRA Hybrid Laser Drill

With our continual commitment to utilizing the latest technology we announce that ITL Circuits has now acquired a dual-wavelength (“hybrid”) laser drill system.

After many years of fabricating microvias drilled by the UV-only process, this industry leading solution  has dramatically increased ITL’s laser microvia production capacity, quality and provides savings for our customers.

The Excellon Cobra Hybrid Laser Drill features complementary Nd:YAG (UV) and CO2 (IR) lasers, and is capable of firing both of these independent laser optical systems concurrently, to achieve breathtaking throughput in microvia drilling.

Additionally, this system is useful for numerous cutting and cleaning operations involving electronic composite materials, such as flex and rigid-flex profiling, metal removal, and surface-resin removal. The CO2 laser is particularly suited to cleanly cutting fluoropolymers such as PTFE.


About COBRA Laser Drill

The Excellon Cobra Hybrid Laser system features both UV and IR (CO2) laser capabilities to cover a wide range of flex circuit and rigid-flex circuit processing applications.