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ITC THP-35 Dual Chamber VIA FILLING Machine Purchase

Friday, February 12, 2016

ITL Circuits purchases ITC THP-35 Dual Chamber VIA FILLING Machine

ITL’s customers’ designs include Plated-Over Filled-Vias (POFV) of ever-increasing aspect ratios, presenting a mounting challenge for complete filling free of microvoids. In order to meet this challenge, ITL has purchased an ITC THP-35 Via Filling machine.

This highly-automated, dual-chamber machine uses vacuum-assist to pull-out all gases out ahead of the forming plug of via-fill resin, as it is forced out of the programmable print-heads. It then uses automated squeegees, at programmable angle and speed, to remove excess resin before the panels go to be cured.

POFV aspect-ratios won’t stop increasing, and nor will ITL’s commitment to forming them perfectly in every single panel.

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