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Orbotech Nuvogo Purchase

Friday, March 10, 2017

ITL Circuits purchases ORBOTECH NUVOGO Laser Direct Imaging System

Following ITL’s tremendously successful implementation of the Orbotech Paragon 9800 LDI system in 2014, we have now purchased a second LDI system for dedicated inner-layer imaging.

The acquisition of Orbotech’s latest Nuvogo Double-Drawer 28-Watt Laser effectively doubles ITL’s HDI inner-layer imaging capabilities, while providing industry-leading image quality and shorter production cycle times.

Our Paragon 9800 LDI moves into our second plant and is used for our critical imaging tasks for outer-layer, sequential-lam, soldermask and selective plate and etch.

If required, either machine can still contingently perform all imaging tasks, providing redundancy in addition to the greatly increased capabilities.

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