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Pluritec INSPECTA X-Ray Drill Purchase

Sunday, January 10, 2016

ITL Circuits purchases Pluritec INSPECTA COMBO L X-Ray Drill

The Pluritec Inspecta Combo L is an X-Ray Optimizing Driller-Router. It uses real-time image analysis of the digital video feed from it’s 50 kV X-Ray to measure the internal structure of each PCB panel which it processes. This enables the registration of it’s drilling and routing operations to the invisible internal structure of the panels. In addition it offers massive data collection and process intelligence and surveillance capabilities.

The benefits of this system are vast and numerous:

* Acceptance/rejection of panels based on accuracy of the registration of structures formed during the prior imaging, etching, registration/bonding and lamination processes

* Drilling of optimized tooling holes to guide drilling operations performed on other drilling machines

* Collection of dimensional data to inform future engineering and production activities, including for image scaling of a given part, predictive modelling for other parts, to enable the calibration of imaging systems and identify and correct mechanical problems with bonding and lamination systems